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We are now rebranded to PurgePots.
This means our new name for our server is Purgepots and we have a new domain to match it. Although we are keeping galasticmc.com and galasticnetwork.net and those will just redirect you to the server and the website.

Here are some useful links:

Purgepots.cc (IP) + (WEBSITE)
Galasticnetwork.net (IP)
Buy.purgepots.cc (STORE)

https://discord.gg/ws3R9aR (DISCORD)

Any questions? Create a ticket on our discord by messaging PurgeSupport#4015 on discord what you need help with. (You must be in the discord to create a ticket)

If you wish to say anything else in the ticket simply keep typing in the dm
Guide How to Apply
It seems as many people mistake a few clicks when trying to apply, so here's a guide how to apply

You can find a tutorial on how to do that at galasticmc.com/fourm/threads/how-to-register.19/

First, go to me

Next read

Copy the text then go back to the category then, click post new thread
Copy the text in that thread and answer all the questions, post that new thread